“At first, there is us. There is only us. But even then, even before we can know to know it, we wish you were here.”

This is the start of the book Wish, by Matthew Cordell.

This book was given to us a month ago as a gift from a dear friend of ours. And after reading the first page, I was nearly in tears. It is the story of a couple (they happen to be elephants) who grow together, but begin to long for something missing in their life.

Much like the couple in the story, Abby and I began to realize that what we wished for wasn’t coming. As much as we planned and hoped and tried, it just wasn’t happening. Even with our Hannah, she was gone before she came. And like it says in the book, “everything stopped. This was not what we planned.”

We began to live our lives and listen to where God wanted us to be. He gave us one more godchild (bringing our total now to 21), He provided us with the opportunity to continue to serve teens through Confirmation (Abby is now the coordinator of the program), and most of all… He allowed us to continue to grow as a married couple and live out the sacrament.

Even with all this, we still continued to wish.

And come December 2015… our wish will be here.


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